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Kosketus Liikkuu

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011


In the global world we shoud be understandable. When I run,  it is very much understandable than when I write finnish language. I mean I have some requests to write in english so here we go - hopefully more understandable with all mistakes including...
I was born 1964 and running and sports has followed me almost all my life. As young boy it was very meaningfull for me to be able to run and ski in forests - as it is now too, but little older. ( only very little)
Just before I hit  the age 28 I run couple of marathons as pb. 3.55.  Then suddenly I was banged with cancer diagnos. The axe over my head was hung. And I think ropes were very thin ! And it was very bad, scale 1 to 5.  I had 4.  It means almost widely spread cancer...
With my own attitude plus high levell of proficiency in finnish cancer specialists I survived. Professor Pirkko Kellokumpu-Lehtinen with her colleagues recover me. After this I just want to live simply normal life.
Running is one part of normal life for me so 164 days after  getting out of the cancer hospital I found myself on marathon course. On wintertime, february -15 degrees celsius (fahrenheit 5),  I run 4.31 and tears iced on my cheek - they were tears of happiness and pain.
On each year step by step I tried to increase my training and finally get pbs. marathon - 3.08 and half - 1.21 and 33k on forest course 2.21 and 10k on road 34,00. Then I get bored to run against time on hard asphalt and there were quiet years with some packpacking, skiing and just light runs.
Then a very good friend of mine was interested in ultrarunning and so we run 100k on our own course in Lapland.  We run with small packpacks 50k, stay overnight in small cabin in front of Halti-mountain        (1324 meters, Finlands highest place), and run back to Kilpisjärvi village. And after that we were gripped on ultrarunnig.
Ultrarunning is also a philosophy for me. Try to get happines and live my life here and now, day by day. Enjoying experience of nature and being part of it. The God of trails is quiet but demanding. I like run on sand roads and on asphalt too but trails are my favourite place to be understandable - run free. The moment between two footstep, when you are on the air. The moment  of calm mode. Pure simplicity.  Just the sound of your steps and you. To be outside.
In recent four years also target-oriented running has been part of my story.  My pbs. 100k - 10.36, 48-hours - 243 k , 24-hours - 153 k, 100 mile - 28 hours. If you especially notice my background as former cancer patient, my numbers are very good. And if not, they are still good.   I´m so gratefull !
Especially 100 miles in 28 hours in TEC , in Sweden was meaningfull for me. Undertrained, two months after my mothers dead, head full of sorrow and mixed emotions I could go start to finish. Supported by my nearest friends. Also before race and during it too. This was kind of turning point for me. And story goes on. I tried to be courage.
I´m very happy to be able to publish my ideas of running and my story on this blog. My english might be clumsy but hope it is understandable anyway. We here in Finland start to study english on third grade and keep studying it trough all schoolyears, including high school or vocational training.
But there is one difference ! Try to imagine that you are working in hotel reception. Phone is ringing and you see that room number 32 is calling. You pick up the phone and after your answer you just hear : "TUU TII TU TÖÖTI TUU"  from the other side of the line. You maybe think that the phone is broken ?   Don´t think ! Maybe there is a native born Finn calling. And he wants two tea to 32...
Accent is something else than writing !

SEE YOU ! , pasi

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